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Code Transportation Policies and Procedures
001 Administrative Detail
002 Transportation Eligibility
009 Walking Distances to the Bus Stop
011 Transportation of Co-op Students
012 Out-of -Boundary Students
013 Duration of Bus Trip
016 Pick-up and Drop-off Locations
017 Courtesy Transportation
018 Joint Custody Transportation
024 Inclement Weather Bus Cancellations
025 Transportation Eligibility Reassessments
028 Process for Appealing Decisions
029 Temporary Transportation Requests
031 Exception Transportation Eligibility
032 Service Parameters
034 Transportation for Child Care
035 Transportation of Equipment on School Buses
037 Cameras on School Buses
049 Bus Stop Location


Code Transportation Policies and Procedures
004 Responsibilities of the Students
005 Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians
006 Responsibilities of the School Principal
007 Responsibilities of the School Bus Operators and Bus Drivers
008 Responsibilities of STWDSTS
015 Primary Protocol
023 Procedure for Collision
026 Progressive Discipline for Infractions on a School Bus
030 Procedure In The Event Of A Lost Child
033 Code of Conduct for Bussed Students
038 Responsibilities of the Taxi Operators and Taxi Drivers
039 Responsibilities of Parents Paid to Drive Their Child(ren)
046 Access to Information and Privacy Policy
050 Incident Reporting


Code Transportation Policies and Procedures
010 Temporary Medical Transportation
019 Child Booster Seats/Car Seats
020 Special Education
021 EPIPEN Emergency Procedures
022 Emergency Procedures – First Aid and CPR
040 Transporting Students with Service Dogs
042 Life-Threatening Management and Prevention Plan Procedures

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