Welcome To STWDSTS Student Transportation Services

Service de transport de Wellington-Dufferin Student Transportation Services (STWDSTS) is a consortium of five school boards providing transportation for eligible students living in Wellington and Dufferin Counties.

Member Boards:

A Transportation Management Committee (TMC) acts as our Board of Directors. There are Five members, one appointed by each of the member school boards and the General Manager of Transportation. The TMC meets monthly, and operates at arms length from the member boards to oversee policies and procedures, and develop long and short term goals.


School boards receive grants for transportation from the Province based on the number of students who are provided with service. Each member board must pay STWDSTS the full amount of the cost of transporting their students, even if the grants do not cover the total amount. Three percent of each board’s transportation expenditure is allocated to the administrative cost of operating the consortium.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide safe and efficient student transportation through planning, cooperation, and dedication. More than 20,000 students in total ride a big – or little – yellow school bus or taxi to and from school daily. The fleet of buses cover more than 5 million kilometers every year.


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If you are new to the area please ensure your child is registered at their school as Student Transportation will not be accepting new student information over the phone for security reasons.

Starting the last 2 weeks of August, you can obtain your registered child’s September busing information by creating a new account through the Parent Portal.  If you already have a Parent Portal subscription from previous years, you will be able to access your child’s September busing information during the last 2 weeks of August through your Parent Portal Subscription.

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The Annual First Rider Program is presented by the Operator’s Association each August just before school begins. It provides first time riders and their families with an introduction to school bus riding procedures and safety through a videotape presentation, a question and answer session, and a bus ride for the family. It is a free program open to both riders and children who walk to school. Registration details with dates, times and locations are provided in May to all schools and the local media.

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STWDSTS has created an OPT-OUT form to assist parents and schools keep accurate records of students using the bus service.  If you do not intend to have your child use the school bus, please fill out this form.  If you require transportation in the future, you can simply reapply by contacting us.