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FIRST RIDER Registration will open June 1st, 2024.

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Date: Tuesday August 27th, 2024.

Information on how to register for The Annual Kindergarten Ride Program will be sent out to all elementary schools soon for 2024. All registration will be online for June 1st, 2024. For further information follow us on Twitter @STWDSTS.

  • To register for the First Rider Program, please click here.


First Time Rider Safety Program

The Annual First Rider Program is presented by the Operator’s Association each August just before school begins. It provides first time riders and their families with an introduction to school bus riding procedures and safety through a videotape presentation, a question and answer session, and a bus ride for the family. It is a free program open to both riders and children who walk to school.

The First Rider Program is open to both bused students and walkers. This valuable program includes a short video, a question-answer period, and a short bus ride.  These sessions are scheduled for 9am, 10am and 11am, and are approximately 45 minutes in length.

  • For general information and FAQ’s about First Rider transportation, please click EN|FR
  • OECM School Bus Rider Safety Training Program, please click here.

This video is a must see for all students who will be riding the school bus for the first time this September. Watch Buzzy the Bee explain all of the important school bus safety rules for not only our new “first time riders” but also for their families.

  • Watch the Video hand icon
  • Read through the Safety Tips Booklet: First Time Rider Safety Tips EN | FR
  • Check out the Activity Booklet: First Time Rider Activity Booklet EN | FR
  • Download and fill out a Safety Certificate:
    1. BuzzyBee Certificate#1 or EN | FR
    2. BuzzyBee Certificate#2 or EN | FR
    3. BuzzyBee Certificate#3 or EN | FR
    4. BuzzyBee Certificate#4 or EN | FR
    5. BuzzyBee Certificate#5 or EN | FR

Quick Tips for Parents First Time Rider