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Transportation Eligibility – 002

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Policy # Topic Type Date Revised
002 Transportation Eligibility Eligibility November 21,2017

Based on the eligibility policy of the Board where the student attends school, STWDSTS
will arrange transportation to/from the student’s primary address unless otherwise
notified by the school or

Students may access transportation services if their primary address is within the school’s
attendance boundary, at a distance of more than:

Conseil scolaire Viamonde “CSV”

  • JK – SK 0.8 km
  • Gr 1 to Gr 8 1.6 km
  • Gr 9 to Gr 12 3.2 km

Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir “CSCM”

  • JK – SK           0.8 km
  • Gr 1 to Gr 8    1.6 km
  • Gr 9 to Gr 12  3.2 km

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board “DPCDSB” (County of Dufferin and Town of Orangeville)

  • JK to Gr 1       1.0 km
  • Gr 2 to Gr 6    1.6 km
  • Gr 7 to Gr 8    2.0 km
  • Gr 9 to Gr 12  3.8 km

Upper Grand District School Board “UGDSB”

  • JK to Gr 6       1.6 km
  • Gr 7 to Gr 8    3.2 km
  • Gr 9 to Gr 12  3.5 km

Wellington Catholic District School Board “WCDSB”

  • JK to Gr 8       1.6 km
  • Gr 9 to Gr 12  3.2 km

Student’s Address:

  • A student’s address is his/her legal and permanent place of residence. In the case of joint custody,
    it is the parents’ responsibility to decide on the student’s primary address,in order to determine
    his/her school catchment area. Please note that the address of a caregiver or daycare centre
    cannot be considered a student’s legal and permanent address.

Distance Measurements:

  • All measurements for transportation purposes will be made by STWDSTS using Bus Planner
    student transportation software.
  • The measurement of the walking distance is from the closest point of the property line of
    the student to the property line of the school.

Other Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students may be transported for reasons other than distance where deemed appropriate
    by the General Manager according to the criteria contained within the (031) Exception Transportation.
  • Students with physical or mental handicaps may be eligible for transportation upon
    the direction of the Special Education Department for their respective school board
    under (020) Special Education Transportation.
  • Subject to the approval of STWDSTS, transportation may be provided for students not otherwise
    qualifying for transportation privileges for which a certificate of a qualified medical practitioner
    is provided, and/or STWDSTS form TF011 Request for Medical Transportation, indicating that the student
    is unable to walk to school because of physical or health reasons under (010) Temporary Medical

The School must:

  • Inform the parent/guardian about the eligibility criteria at the time of the student’s registration by
    way of the Transportation Guide for Parents (TF014).
  • Inform STWDSTS of a new student enrolment that may require transportation based on
    the information provided by GEOQUERY, “”.
  • Will maintain accurate student data in the student data system. The new student information will
    be posted to the student data within 3 days.


  • Verify the address of each student; evaluate the eligibility between his/her primary residence and
    the school; inform the school and/or parent/guardian if the student does not meet the above-mentioned
  • At the end of each school year, provide the schools with a Transportation School Newsletter Insert (TF022)
    to students and parents/guardians concerning the walking distance policies and changes to services
    provided by STWDSTS for the upcoming school year in accordance with the eligibility criteria.